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Privacy policy / Terms & Conditions
/ WEEE & Recycling policy

Customer data -
we do not collect or store any customer data while making use of our site, unless agreed upon prior to it's use.

Third party links -
Any and all links redirecting users to third party websites have been checked to the best of our ability in order to confirm their safety and legitimacy. However users are reminded to exercise caution when using links that redirect away from Always use safe online practices and be cautious when giving out personal information. If you believe a link is not legitimate or poses a threat to others, please report it via 01376 550 770. Any content or views hosted on third party websites are not those of John Mitchell Electrical and it's team.

Images/Content -
Any and all images/content displayed on this site are done so with the permission of the copyright holders/owners. No permission is given for these images to be duplicated and/or distributed for any other purpose unless prior permission has been granted by the sites ( owners. Images and content is vetted to check their suitability before going live on the site. if there are any privacy issues or concerns as to the nature of this content, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible.

Complaints Procedure -
At John Mitchell Electrical we pride ourselves on giving the best possible customer service. however should you want to register an official complaint please do so directly by telephone, on 01376 550 770. In certain circumstances We may ask for this to be done via email, in these instances we will provide you with the relevant email address.

Promotional Material -
Any and all promotional material hosted on our site is checked for it's accuracy prior to publishing. From time to time however human error may result in incorrect information being displayed, if so we reserve the right to correct this prior to purchase of a product. All promotions are not those of John Mitchell Electrical, as such we only advertise and inform on behalf of the promotion owner. All liability rests with the promotions owners directly.

Prices -
Whilst we do not directly display prices or offers on products ourselves, we may host a manufacturers promotional material from time to time. This is checked for its accuracy prior to publishing. it is possible for material to remain published even after the promotion has ended, this does not give the automatic right of a customer to redeem any price/offer displayed. We reserve the right to correct this information prior to purchase. We reserve the right to cease a promotion at any time.

WEEE/RECYCLING information and POLICY - 
in 2007 the UK government introduced new rules to help lower the amount of electronic waste heading to landfill, we are committed to being a part of the solution. Newer items that are recyclable can be identified by being marked with a symbol of a wheelie bin with a cross through it.

Following government guidelines we offer a WEEE/recycling service to all our customers. Please see below for details, for clarification please ask in store or call on 01376550770.
- The WEEE/recycled item needs to be of equivalent size (or smaller) than the newly purchased good(s), this is due to space constraints on our delivery van.
- This service is free of charge to customers who are able to transport the item themselves to the premises/collection point listed, we ask that this be within 28 days of purchase (John Mitchell Electrical, 24-26 Fairfield Road, Braintree, CM7 3HF). 
- We offer collection of WEEE/Recycling, this can only be done when we are delivering to the same premises. We may also need to charge a transport fee.
- WEEE/recycling must be in a fit/safe state for handling, e.g. No gas leaks, no sharps, no chemical substances, no compromised batteries (not an exhaustive list, please check in store for more details).

For more local waste management author
ity information, please refer to 



If a customer makes a request for us to take away the packaging and dispose of it on their behalf, we may do so for a small fee. However depending upon certain factors, such as van space, this may not always be possible.

'Change of mind' and Returns policy -
Due to the nature of the appliances we sell, it is not always appropriate, nor sanitary to return goods that have been delivered and/or used. As such We do not offer a 'change of mind' policy on delivered products, this applies to purchases made in-store and over the phone. 
we also do not accept return requests for used appliances. However, if an appliance is deemed to be faulty or damaged, your statutory rights will apply.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate information during the sales process. This includes information such as; measurements, colours, required features, etc.

For appliances that have been opened and not used, we may accept a return on a case by case basis. However we may charge a 're-stocking' fee to cover any additional costs or losses incurred, such as transportation costs or a reduction in selling price passed on to the next customer, due to the product no-longer being 'pristine'.

The policy or it's contents
does not affect your statutory rights.

'5% Off your next appliance' lEAFLET COUPON TERMS & CONDITIONS -

John Mitchell Electrical - Leaflet coupon offer: conditions are set and controlled exclusively by us. As such we will have final say on any interpretation of terms set. Anything that is not covered by these terms, please confirm by calling on 01376 550 770 and asking a member of management.

Expiration Date: Each coupon has displayed an 'expiry date' of 31/12/2024. This is the final date (inclusive) in which this offer may be redeemed by any person(s), as long as all other terms are met. No redemption of the offer will be allowed for any reason past this date.

Restrictions / Terms & Conditions:
i). This coupon offer is single use Only. one coupon offer may be redeemed per household. Multiple use is prohibited. each coupon may only be used once. Once a person or household has redeemed one coupon offer they may not make use of another.
ii). A total reduction of 5% (inclusive of vat) is to be made from one, full priced, large kitchen appliance at point of purchase.
iii). Discount is limited to one large kitchen appliance (mda) only.
iv). discount may not be claimed against multiple purchases and/or costs of delivery, installation or disposal services.
v). Coupon offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offers.
vi). Coupon must be presented at point of purchase in order to claim this offer.
vii). Offer valid for persons residing within our general operating area. UK residents only.

viii). Any person(s) suspected of not abiding by these terms may be refused service and access to any offers. This will be at our discretion.
ix). Any fraudulent claims will result in termination of your rights to use our business for goods and/or services permanently. We also hold the right to seek legal repercussions, in order to recoup any losses and/or damages.
x). Your statutory rights are not affected by this promotion.
xi). Small domestic appliances (sda) are excluded from this promotion. This includes but is not limited to; Kettles, toasters, blenders, radiators, vacuum cleaners, air fryers, microwaves and cooker hoods.
xii). This promotion solely applies to customers of John Mitchell Electrical. There may be no use within any linked businesses, including but not limited to
'Mitchells Kitchens 2019' or 'JMD Rentals'.
xiii). All terms
 & conditions and restrictions must be met at all times in order to claim this offer.

We/Us/Our - John Mitchell Electrical and it's management.
Offer - Any Benefit due to the customer contained within the coupons wording, located on our leaflet.
Coupon Offer - Offer presented as part of our leaflet campaign.
General Operating Area - A 
radius of up to a maximum of 15 miles from 24-26 fairfield road, braintree, cm73hf, in which we provide our services, such as delivery, installation and disposal.
Large Kitchen Appliance - A product defined within the major domestic appliance (mda) category.  This includes but is not limited to; Cookers, Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Fridge/freezers, dishwashers, ovens and hobs.

We reserve the right to update/change our privacy policy if we deem necessary. All information is accurate as of 15.07.2024. Reasonable steps have been taken to authenticate information displayed on this site. however if any information is incorrect or out of date please report it via 01376 550 770, where we will be able to provide correct or updated information. This policy is presented as a guide and is not an exhaustive list of every policy. If you have any specific queries, then please contact us directly.

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